Love waking up in your body...

when you learn to move, eat and think well.

Your initial in-office evaluation includes a consultation, physical exam, movement assessment and nutritional evaluation. It may also include diagnostic imaging and lab work when appropriate.

I may ask you to perform certain movements to determine the condition and function of specific joints and muscles. I will also be evaluating your nervous system and how it creates the movements.

We will discuss your eating style. I want you to enjoy food because food is medicine!

And, I'll be asking about your life goals for health and fitness. This will help me determine the best course of treatment to help you reach those goals and live the life you deserve.

Check out our areas of service. If you don't see what you're looking for, give us a ring.

As an integrative medicine physician, I'll use your symptoms and goals as an indicator of where to start and we'll go from there.

Start with the 3 Pillars of Resilience


Move Well

Pain, limited movement and poor flexibility can occur from acute injuries, the repetitive strain of daily living, and normal aging processes. I'll work with you to develop a custom movement program that helps restore your full pain-free mobility.

Full Injury Recovery


It's easy to take our body's ability to move for granted until something goes wrong. If you've been injured, I'll work with you to reestablish optimal neuromuscular patterns. Your care program will based upon your injury, age, overall health status and compliance.

Personal Training


Find out just how amazing your one-and-only body is. Unlike other personal trainers, I won't assign you to a standard set of exercises. I want to understand what's important to you in life and help you develop the physical abilities you need to live that life.

DNA Health® Panel


Tests for genetic variations known to have a significant influence on health and susceptibility to chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Eat Well

What if the foods you ate made you feel deeply satisfied and left you full of energy? And, what if these same foods decreased inflammation, bloating, GI distress and helped you sleep better? It's more than possible, it's science! When you make the right food choices. Eating well has nothing to do with dieting. It's about making a lifestyle shift that fuels your days and restores you to a right-sized body.

Weight Loss


Have you given up believing that you can have your ideal body? Has it been too long since you were able to wear anything in your closet? I'm here to tell you, you are not broken, your situation is not hopeless, and you can experience lasting weight loss by adjusting how and when you eat. You won't even have to count calories.

DNA Diet Panel


DNA Diet pinpoints which diet plan is right for you based on your genetic profile. This panel reports on variations linked to weight management and obesity, your body's responsiveness to exercise, how easily you metabolize fats for energy, and more.

GI Health


Your microbiome involves billions of organisms all coordinating their communication to help you feel healthy and energized. When their signals get off balance and communication suffers, your body suffers. Restoring a healthy gut biome is a fundamental step forward in restoring overall health and energy levels.


Think Well

The research is in and the impact of your thoughts on your life is now a well-established fact. A positive mindset helps you feel mentally expansive; you see more possibilities, bounce back faster, and become the best version of yourself. Many things can impact your ability to stay positive including a complex web of hormones, sleep, genes, food choices, and underlying health conditions. I'll help you identify how to improve the positive resonance in your life so you can enjoy the benefits of an upward mental spiral.

Mindset Coaching


Our emotions, mind-talk, and identity narratives are extremely powerful. Mindset coaching gives you tools for opening your awareness and teaching you how to build new skills, explore new passions and transform your way of being in the world. I use multiple modalities to support your mindset journey.

Healthy Cognition & Memory


Your cognitive function can alter with age, injury, health conditions, food choices, and lifestyle changes. Common cognitive and memory issues involve dementia, Alzheimer's, language, spatial sensing and the ability to learn new things. DNA Mind will help us determine your genetic vulnerabilities. I will help you choose the right foods and lifestyle to reduce your risks and live a healthy present life.

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