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Thirty-Two Years in Practice

So Much Has Changed:

When I started practice 32 years ago, I took a patient’s history to gather information relative to their primary problem. I also took their family history. I wanted to know what "ran in their family", diabetes, heart attack, stroke, autoimmune, dementia, back pain, arthritis. This would help me assess their current health challenges and better understand possible future challenges. It was frustrating to think they were destined to develop the same illness as their parents and grandparents. At a deep level I knew lifestyle choices mattered. How much of an impact personal choices could have on health, considering a family’s DNA predispositions, I did not know?

My hope, however, was that lifestyle choices could have a significant impact. And for me, this hope was personal because I did not want to experience the cardiovascular diseases my family history suggested.

Now, 2022, my hope is proven fact! The choices we make daily will indeed affect our health. How we choose to move, to eat and to think alters the expression of our DNA and our health outcomes. Over my 32 years in practice, research has gained a great deal of knowledge and understanding in these areas of health. I will continue to seek out this new knowledge, to understand it and to integrate it into my skill set. I pray for the wisdom to apply all I have and continue to learn.

Pictured: Dr. Pam and her husband Danny.

Knowledge and Understanding vs Wisdom and Strategy:

  • Knowledge is the collection of information through research, investigation, study and observation.

  • Understanding is the capacity to render meaning from knowledge.

  • Wisdom is the ability to apply knowledge and understanding to develop a strategy for the best possible outcome.

  • Strategy is the plan of action to achieve goals.

With today's internet, people can go online and collect a lot of information.

Most new patient come to me for care having already gathered information relative to their problems. Some patients have invested a great deal of time trying to apply this information to their own problems only to fall short of regaining or even improving their health.

When patients come to me for care, they want and need someone who has expertise, experience and wisdom to develop a strategy designed specifically for their health challenges.

Pictured: Dr. Pam and athlete/patient working on kettlebell form.

Pictured: Dr. Pam's 3 Pillars of Resilience.

You deserve the best lifestyle guidance in nutrition, exercise, rehabilitation and habit formation. It is my privilege to develop treatment strategies that are fashioned for each individual based on today's cutting-edge science. I am here to help you achieve your healthiest life!

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