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When You Feel Hungry Do You Need Nutrition or Fuel?

When you feel hungry, do you also feel; tired, irritable, weak, anxious, brain fog, shaky, “hangry”?

If you experience any of these symptoms and they get worse until you eat something, you are not in need of nutrition. You are experiencing an energy crisis. Your brain needs fuel!

Our brains were created to use body fat as their primary source of energy, in the form of ketones. Even a healthy weight person has enough body fat to provide sufficient fuel for days without eating. However, if your diet is filled with sugar and starchy carbohydrates you have altered your energy system and now have a sugar dependent brain. When in this sugar dependent state, your brain gets rewired to know it will be happier with sugar for a quick energy fix. “Will power” cannot fight this need for fuel, your brain craves the candy bar and it will not stop till it gets what it wants! This is unhealthy hunger.

When your diet is filled with healthy fats (avocado, olive, coconut oil), vegetables, greens and healthy protein your brain will be in its desired fat burning state. When your body needs nutrition to grow and thrive, it releases chemicals that make you feel hungry. These chemicals also give you sharp focus and increased energy so you can go hunt and gather food (although todays hunting and gathering is at the grocery store). After having your fill, you feel tired and want to rest so the food can digest and turn into nutrition for the cells. This is healthy hunger.

Do you have a sharp, energetic, fat burning brain or a sugar dependent brain? If you have a sugar dependent brain there is good news. It can be fixed!!

Make an appointment with Dr. Pam and get your energy back!

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