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Congrats! This is the first step towards
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I'd like a Virtual Consult 

You can connect with Dr. Pam wherever you live. She's available to guide you through one-on-one Zoom sessions. Virtual sessions can provide the support, the plan, and the integrated approach you need to start feeling great again.

I'd like an Assessment Call 

In the tri-state area and want to work with Dr. Pam one-on-one? Schedule a complimentary Alignment Call to discuss your issues personally with Dr. Pam.  You deserve a doctor who takes time to get to know you before your first office visit. Dr. Pam will send you forms to fill out online, this will help her prepare for your first in-office visit. Let's use your time wisely and tactically so you can get your health back!

Hi, I'm Dr. Pam. When you book an in-office consult, I'll:


  • Gather your health history

  • Listen to what's going on

  • Examine you

  • Perform tests and send out lab work necessary to determine the root

  • cause of your health issues

  • Help you understand the root cause(s) of your pain or dis-ease

  • Form a do-able care plan to help you regain your health and vitality

  • Support your progress through the plan

  • Supply additional resources to support a lifestyle change