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Functional medicine for people who want to go beyond treating symptoms and transform their health.

Dr. Pam Wilson.

Functional Medicine Physician, New Jersey & Remote Appts

No matter how you feel, you have the power to change your reality.

I know it's possible because I've done it. And I've helped thousands of patients do it too.
You are NOT too far gone to enjoy healthy living again.

When you're in pain, traditional medicine focuses on medicating symptoms, sending you on your way with a prescription that can mask underlying issues.

The result?

Temporary conditions can become chronic and acute.

Pain returns and side effects can become more intense.

You deserve better than that.

Symptoms are a great place to start, but not a great place to stop. In fact, your symptoms are our best key to helping you find your way back to health.
Dr Pam explains her 3 Pillars of Resilience approach to patient care.
Dr Pam explains her 3 Pillars of Resilience approach to patient care.

I'm Dr. Pam Wilson, functional medicine physician for 30 years, and I'm here to help.

I help my patients discover the underlying cause of their symptoms and give them a doable plan for resolving their root issues.

I can't wait for you to conquer your complex health issues so you can love waking up in your body.

3 Pillars of Resilience


Move Well

We'll get you moving again... bending, reaching, walking, swimming, gardening, biking, running...

We'll identify which foods are compromising your GI tract and causing you inflamm-aging.





Think Well

We'll enlist the healing power of a positive mental attitude and your body's Mind+Heart+Gut connection to support your progress.

And when you combine right movement with right food choices and right thinking...

you'll feel oh. so. right.


Be Well

Be Well
Move Well
Eat Well
Think Well

Wondering if this approach will work for you and if you can change the way you feel every day?

I want you to know...

Yes, you can!

3 Steps to Vibrant, Healthy Living



  • No rushed 5-minute meetings

  • One-on-one time with Dr. Pam to discuss your issues

  • Functional movement analysis

  • Orthopedic exams

  • Cellular micronutrient testing

  • Cardio-metabolic testing

  • Genetic testing

  • Gait and rowing analyses



  • Caring, realistic discussion about what needs to change and why

  • Customized plan you're excited about

  • Movements and exercises that build stability, flexibility and strength

  • Food choice support and meal plans you can't wait to try

  • Habit change support

  • Positive mental attitude exercises

  • Nutraceutical grade supplements

  • Building a more vibrant you with incremental improvements and successes



  • You enjoy a full range of motion again.

  • Chronic discomfort disappears.

  • You're off medications with nasty unplesant side effects.

  • You wake up rested and energized.

  • Your mind is sharp and focused.

  • You accomplish things you never thought you would possible.

  • You live independently.

  • Your immune system is strong.

  • You're at your ideal weight and love your body.

  • You're happy and enjoying your life.


Ready to feel amazing again?

Do you want to achieve…

Full movement

Ideal body composition

Positive mood

Full injury recovery

More energy

GI health

Restful sleep

Healthy immune function

Healthy cognition & memory

Dr. Pam helped us become resilient

What is waiting another day costing you?


  • Staying stuck wondering what's really wrong with you

  • Acute symptoms devolving into chronic illness

  • Missing out on the fullness of life

  • Getting worse while you keep guessing how to get better

  • Losing your independence and needing fulltime care

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